Experience Session: Curious about AI but not sure where it fits into your business?

Ever wondered how AI can benefit your business? Unsure where to start? Do you feel uneasy about the ethical implications and risks it brings along? You’re not alone, and the best part? You’ve got everything you need to jumpstart your AI adventure already – and we’re here to show you how.

AI is revolutionizing the business world by enhancing customer service, speeding up decision-making with rapid data analysis and automating mundane tasks, freeing up valuable time for strategic work. AI is the key to efficiency, insight, and responsiveness in your business.

Join Dot + Dash Consulting for an Exclusive AI Experience Session hosted by Co-Founder Angel Takooree, where we demystify AI for you. We will cover everything you need, whether it’s identifying business processes improvements by using automation, tackling data protection concerns, addressing the fears within your organization, or simply wondering how to begin.

Our session is perfect for non-techies curious about integrating AI into their workflows or businesses. You’ll discover a straightforward yet powerful approach to adopting AI successfully, without the jargon!

This practical method employs the AI Design Sprint™ Framework to help map out your business, strategy, and current challenges. Once identified, we then examine the risks, benefits, and ethical considerations. During this brief session, we will touch on these aspects, providing you with an understanding of how it operates.


  • Understand an easy way to kick-start your AI initiatives
  • Navigate through risks and ethical decisions of AI
  • Learn how you can go from an AI concept to prototypes specific to your business in a matter of days
  • Build a competitive edge that sets your business apart.


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Date: 24 April 2024

Time: 11:00am

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The Hallam iLabs

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